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Sex, Prep and Rock n Roll

Sex. We all have it. We all agree it can be great. Now I’m not going to beat around the bush (hehe puns) when it...

From Rugby Socks to Leather Jocks

What happens when you combine the rugged physique of Sydney's inclusive gay rugby team, "The Convicts", the red-light district of Amsterdam and notions of...

Grindr Discloses Users’ HIV Status to Third Party Companies

In a society that is slowly working its way to destigmatising HIV status, the male sex and dating app ‘Grindr’ has pushed the gay...

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Pash and Dash

Cristiano Ronaldo’s “ease with sexuality” was put on display at this week's Portugal vs Netherlands soccer match when the 33-year-old soccer, athlete and...

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