Angélica Lozano
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Bisexual Colombian congresswoman, Angélica Lozano has become the first openly LGBTI person to be elected to Columbia’s Senate.

Winning her race for a seat in the Colombian Senate on March the 11th 2018, Angélica Lozano of the Green Alliance received 105,299 votes, the second highest number of votes of the candidates for her party who ran for the Senate.

Lozano who is a former member of the Bogotá City Council who was elected to the Colombian House of Representatives in 2014, is among the 14 openly LGBTI candidates who ran in the elections.

Other LGBTI victories included Mauricio Toro, an openly gay man who is also a member of the Green Alliance, and was elected to the House with 19,045 votes. Tatiana Piñeros, a transgender woman was a Senate candidate with Lista de la Decencia, a coalition of leftist parties, however, did not win.

Sunday’s election is the first to take place in Colombia since President Juan Manuel Santos’ government signed a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

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