Doctor Who
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The British science fiction television programme, Doctor Who has been criticised, and accused of being homophobic, after the series killed off a gay character that only had seconds of screen time.

The scene at the centre of the controversy occurred during the show’s New Year’s Eve special and featured a Dalek disguised as a woman who is attempting to get into a secure area that can only be accessed with a finger-print.

The woman (Charlotte Ritchie) asks the security guard (Connor Calland) who has access. He reveals that he is the only one who can open the door and that he has a boyfriend.

“Today, just me. Most secure digits in Yorkshire. That’s what I tell my boyfriend, anyway. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, I’m new at this,” he replies.

The scene cuts to the woman dragging the guard’s dead body across the floor. Some fans accused the sci-fi series of using the “bury your gays” trope.

However, other fans of the show didn’t think the character’s death as being homophobic, rather, simply the nature of the show.