Trump Junior
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Donald Trump Junior has come under fire for sharing what’s being described as a transphobic meme on his personal Instagram account.

The meme (pictured below) shows a picture of a person standing on the street wearing a fur dress, holding a designer handbag, with blue hair, blue lipstick, and red nails.

Trump Jnr Instagram Post

“No no, don’t tell me let me guess…Trump is not your president?” the meme reads.

Adding to the meme, Trump Junior captioned the meme “I’ll take that bet all day long.” followed with the crying laughing face and American flag emojis.

In response to the post, many people have commented accusing the Trump Junior of mocking the LGBTI community, and are calling out the President’s son for the joke.

“Are u against LGBT people?” one person asked in the comments section.

To which Trump Junior responded, “No, not at all and you can find plenty of evidence against that.”

Despite Trump Junior’s denial, other Instagram users added, that they indeed did find the meme to be offensive, in which he replied asking what is“homophobic about this post?”

“Are you implying this person has to be LGBT without any knowledge? I guess you’re the one hiding your beliefs,” Trump Junior added.

In 2017, Donald Trump Junior also faced criticism for liking a transphobic tweet aimed at transgender soldier Chelsea Manning, that included a clown’s face, a pair of scissors and two peanuts, which was clearly used as an attack on Manning’s transgender identity.

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