Laverne Cox

Following Mattel’s recent announcement that the toy giant would soon be releasing 17 new Barbies based on inspiring women from the past and present, Fans of Laverne Cox believe that the “Orange is the New Black” star also deserves her own miniature version.

“Laverne Cox is the definition of the “inspiring woman,” says the petition started by Jason Preston on

“To many young women and men around the world, Laverne Cox is a symbol of what you can achieve if you are true to who you are.”

“She epitomises not only the messages of the Inspiring Women and Sheroes Barbie doll lines but that of Barbie herself. She brings its message of being who and what you want to be into our ever-changing world, from inspiring the limitless potential in every girl to inspiring the limitless potential in every person.”

upon discovering the petition, Cox seemed to be in favour of the idea tweeting, “Ah that’s sweet. I would love to be a Barbie doll.”

To date, the Barbie doll petition has received more than 1,000 signatures of its 1,500 signature goal.