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A gay couple has been subjected to a public flogging in Indonesia following being accused and convicted of the Sharia “crime” of homosexuality.

According to reports by CNN, the men who were apart of a larger flogging that included 15 people in total, had been found guilty of having consensual sex. The couple were punished by received 87 lashes each, and in front of a large crowd, who watched and cheered outside the Baiturrahim Mosque in the city of Banda Aceh.

The sentences which were administered by an incognito hooded man in the capital city of the Aceh Province follows a growing number of anti-LGBTI crackdowns in the nation, which is becoming known for implementing strict Islamic Sharia laws.


Agence France-Presse reported that some in the crowd, including Malaysian tourists, took pictures and videos on their cellphones, and shouted out, “flog them harder.”

The gay men convicted are said to have been apprehended at a beauty salon by a mob in early 2018 before being handed over to the police, an increasingly common occurrence.

Disturbingly in Indonesia LGBTI people are now routinely discriminated against and abused, often under the country’s anti-pornography laws, resulting in the nation being highly criticized by Human rights groups including Human Rights Watch which recently accused the government of fueling an HIV epidemic by standing by and in some cases supporting a growing crackdown against LGBTI people.

“The Indonesian government should recognise that its role in abuses against LGBT people is seriously compromising the country’s response to HIV,” said Kyle Knight, LGBTI rights researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Last Updated on Jul 18, 2018

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