Our Perfect Wedding
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A recent episode of the South African television series Our Perfect Wedding, featuring a gay couple and a polygamous bisexual pastor, has both outraged and warmed the hearts of the shows viewers.

Viewers of the Mzansi Magic reality show were introduced to 26-year-old Simphiwe, and 43-year-old Riaan, an engaged couple who first met on Facebook.

“One day we were chatting and chatting and I just decided, ‘Well that’s it, I want to meet this guy’,” said Riaan.

“And I drove all the way … and met up in Witbank. He just grabbed my attention immediately. And from there on it was just a question of ‘wow’,” Riaan added during the show.

Simphiwe’s grandmother gushed over the relationship and its impact on him, saying, “Since he’s been with Riaan his life has changed drastically,” she said. She also gave the emotional couple her blessing to marry.

Despite support from Simphiwe’s family, the show revealed that Riaan’s family had not accepted him because he is a black man.

“That’s the only problem, because they know that Rian is gay …”

Simphiwe also claimed that he had faced questions about the race and age of his partner. “People would insult me, asking me what I’m doing with this old white man. They tried to separate us but we survived it all.”

Riaan added, “I don’t care what people are saying. It’s time that they realise that there is true love and interracial love does exist.”

During the captivating episode, viewers were also introduced to Pastor Kolobe, who married the couple.

The Pastor surprised viewers and guests at the wedding that he is in a polygamist marriage to a man and a woman, saying, “I’ve built houses for both of them,” before revealing that he had 20 children.

“Everyone lives their lives as they see fit,” the Pastor added.

The loving couple married wearing matching white suits with gold trimming. Despite the day being an emotional, memorable, and happy one, Riaan’s family did not attend the wedding.

Social media reacted to the episode with a mix of positivity, shock, disbelief, and homophobic disgust, becoming a trending topic on Twitter, with many even calling for Pastor Kolobe to be given his own reality show.

Last Updated on Apr 26, 2018

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