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Home Lifestyle Google Buckles to Indonesian Officials Blocking Gay Dating App

Google Buckles to Indonesian Officials Blocking Gay Dating App

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Google has reportedly buckled to pressure from homophobic Indonesian officials removing one of the world’s most popular gay dating apps from its online store.

According to Indonesian communications ministry spokesman, Noor Iza, the Chinese owned app Blued was no longer available for download by Indonesian users.

Blued which was Launched in 2012, has become one of the largest gay social networking apps in the world with an estimated 27 million users, including a large percentage of Chinese users.

Speaking with AFP, Iza says, “There was some negative content related to pornography inside the application.”

“Probably one or some members of the application put the pornographic content inside.”

In response to the censorship, activists have accused Indonesian authorities of using the nations anti-pornography law as a means to target and discriminate against LGBTI people.

The removal of the app follows the Ministry of Communication asking Google earlier this month to remove Blued, along with around 70 other unspecified LGBTI-related apps from its Play Store.

Blued is reported to still be available on Apple’s Indonesian online store.

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