Chile Trans-Rights
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In a groundbreaking move, the Chilean Supreme Court has ruled that a transgender individual will be able to change their name and gender at a registrar without surgery.

Reported by the Associated Press, the 4-1 decision made by the Court will overturn a previous ruling from an appellate court in the country’s capital of Santiago.

The Courts ruling has been applauded by local trans rights activist, Andrés Rivera, who described the move as “a signal of respect and evolution.”

Rolando Jiménez, who is the president of the Chilean LGBTI advocacy group, Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation, said that the Courts overturning of the previous decision was “a milestone.”

“Although there are already court decisions that have made it possible to amend a birth certificate without requiring surgery, it is the first ruling where the Supreme Court upholds this principle,” he said in a press release.

“This means, in practice, that from now on all courts must authorize the change of name and legal sex without surgery.”

The court timely ruling coincided with a bill in the Chilean Congress that would allow trans people to legally change their name and gender without surgery, a move that is supported by President Sebastián Piñera, who recently took office in March 2018.


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