Official new data has shown a dramatic decrease in new cases of HIV among gay and bisexual British men.

The twenty-one percent reduction in just one year is the first time such cases have decreased since the deadly epidemic started to make headway in the 1980s. with experts saying the reduction stems from quicker testing, fast

The successful decline in new cases is largely being credited to faster testing, faster treatment, and PrEP.

PrEPDescribed as the “most exciting development in the U.K. HIV epidemic in 20 years,” Government figures show that there have been just 2,810 cases of HIV among gay and bisexual men in 2016, down from the 3,570 recorded the year prior.

People residing in London have been credited with the steepest decline in new cases among gay and bisexual men, with a whopping twenty-nine percent fall over the course of 12 months, further suggesting that PrEP, which is widely available as part of a drug trial at eight clinics in London, may have helped.