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A new report has shown that Russia’s stance against “non-traditional sexual relationships” has continued to fuel a rise in aggression towards LGBTI human rights groups across the former Soviet Union.

The report which was released by Amnesty International highlights the increasingly discriminatory environment that LGBTI rights groups in four former Soviet states have faced in recent years, including within the human rights community itself.

Amnesty International says that in contrast to other regions across the world, attitudes have hardened against LGBTI people throughout Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, showing a flow-on effect from the repressive rhetoric and practices being pushed from Moscow.


Putin's Russia

“LGBTI activists have long faced discrimination, including among other human rights groups. Now the extent of Russian influence and the reach of its media has played a significant role in further worsening the situation for LGBTI groups in the region,” Denis Krivosheev, Deputy Director for Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International says.

“Their all-out assault on LGBTI rights has emboldened other governments to pursue similarly repressive policies and exacerbated negative public attitudes in these countries, including among the ‘mainstream’ human rights groups.”

Krivosheev added, “The idea, promoted by Russia, that LGBTI rights are ‘western values’ that somehow constitute a threat to national security is entrenching elsewhere.”

“It’s a climate of ignorance and hate that’s being fostered by national governments and is even infecting the human rights community in the region.”

Last Updated on Jan 5, 2018

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