Israel Parliament
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A new political party is being launched in Israel, with the sole purpose and aim of progressing the rights of the country’s marginalised rainbow community.

The party’s founder, Imri Kalmann says that the new party will solely be made up of LGBTI individuals as heterosexual people will be unable to effectively represent the community.

“A lot of parties like saying they promote gay rights, but we can better run our struggles by ourselves,” Kalmann said, according to Gay Star News.

“Straight people can’t really represent us. It’s time to have our own representatives. We are an organised community, and the way we accomplished so much so far has been to work for ourselves,” Kalmann added.

The party, which will be founded and based in Tel Aviv, will fight for issues such as the governments recent move in denial of surrogacy rights for gay people.

According to reports by PinkNews, Kalmann has claimed that he would not be leading the party, and called on well-known LGBTI politicians and figures to feature on its list, in order to reflect a balanced representation of the community.

While Israel is known as the most tolerant country in the Middle East when it comes to LGBTI rights, there has been an increase in political tension with regards to LGBTI equality, including wide-spread protests and strike action.

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