Anti LGBTI Egypt
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The Egyptian government’s aggressive crackdown on the LGBTI community shows no sign of slowing down, with reports of a further nine men being arrested for homosexuality in Alexandria.

First reported by the Egypt Independent, the nine men were detained on the 15th of January 2018, following a raid on a private apartment, and face charges of “debauchery” and “homosexual activity.”

Mustafa al-Nimr, who is the head of the Alexandria Security Directorate, reportedly described the operation as a success and called the behaviour of the nine men a threat to public security.

According to local authorities, the raid was ordered after an investigation into the apartment and its occupants, following complaints from neighbours of “weird” young men often visiting the apartment.


Despite homosexuality not currently being specifically outlawed in Egypt, LGBTI people are targeted and jailed for “immorality” and public indecency laws.

However, LGBTI and Human Rights groups fear that the situation in Egypt could soon change for the worse, with proposed new legislation that would further oppress LGBTI people, being sought for approval.

Drafted by MP Reyad Abdulsattar Hassan of the Free Egyptians Party, the proposed law seeks to criminalise homosexual relationships, incitement of homosexual relationships, advertising of homosexual parties or gatherings as well as the displaying of symbols or signs associated with homosexuality.


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