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A South African mother who has been refusing the father of her children to spend time with them and who had since come out as gay, has been ordered to allow her ex-partner access by a Pretoria Court.

Reported by the Citizen, the father who works as a customer service manager, took his ex-wife to court following repeated and deliberate attempts to block him from seeing their kids, an act that was in violation of their divorce agreement.

According to the report, the mother of the children aged 9 and 1, was refusing access to their gay father because she was concerned that he would “turn them gay.”


Following the couple’s divorce in 2014 the man “came to the clear realisation that his sexual orientation was not that of heterosexuality.”

The woman considered this to be a sin, however, eventually came to accept his relationship with another man and the children were able to visit their father unhindered for a period of time.

Unfortunately, this arrangement soon changed after he broke up with his boyfriend and the mother soon became increasingly convinced that gay people are child molesters and pedophiles.

Writing in a letter the woman claimed that he was “promoting his sexual orientation and way of living to the children.” She then refused to allow him to see his children, especially with the couple present.

In response to the mother allegations, the father explained that the times spent with the children were simply movie nights in front of the TV. He also argued against the stereotype of gay men as “exclusively sexual beings” compared to heterosexual individuals being seen as “people who, along with many other activities in their lives, occasionally engage in sex.”

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria agreed that the real issue was the woman’s irrational and biased fears, insecurities and misconceptions, Ultimately ordering her to immediately allow the father access to the children as per the divorce agreement.

Following the court case, the mother was also instructed to attend a course of parental guidance.

Last Updated on Apr 12, 2018

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