Alex Strangelove

Following on from the recent success of Love, Simon, in the box office, Netflix has announced its plans to release a gay-teen romantic comedy of its own.

Set to premiere in June 2018, Alex Strangelove will follow high school senior Alex Truelove, a well-rounded senior who is starting to explore the idea of losing his virginity.

“Things get complicated when he meets a handsome and charming gay kid from the other side of town who unwittingly sends him on a roller-coaster journey of sexual identity,” an official synopsis from the film reads.

Produced by Ben Stiller and directed by Craig Johnson, the films main character, Alex Truelove will be played by Daniel Doheny, who has previously had roles in Supernatural and HumanTown.

Johnson has described the film as “a fun, funny, and flirty film located down the street from Pretty in Pink, around the corner from Superbad, and right next door to new neighbour Love, Simon.”

Madeline Weinstein, Antonio Marziale, Joanna Adler, Isabella Amara, and William Ragsdale, will also star in the teen movie, which will start streaming on Netflix from the 8th of June 2018.

Source via IN