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New developments could see the HIV prevention medication, known as PrEP, being delivered via an annual under-the-skin implant in the near future.

The new groundbreaking development that has the potential to make a significant dent in the HIV epidemic, could see an annual implant replace the current daily pill method of delivery of the extremely effective medication.

News of the development was released by Scientists at the 10th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019) in Mexico City.


The researchers shared the exciting news about a potential implantable form of the drug, which a double-blind three-month trial found that the implant was well tolerated and effectively delivered the required level of MK-8591, which they project to be sufficient for at least a one year period.

“A PrEP implant could provide an attractive option for individuals in whom adherence to a daily PrEP regimen is challenging,” the researchers explained.

“An implant offers another choice for those who might in the future also have pills and injectables available. It could also offer a promising solution to those who face challenges adhering to a daily PrEP regimen,” added Anton Pozniak, who is the International AIDS Society President and IAS 2019 International Scientific Chair.

hiv prep implant
The first-in-human trial of MK-8591-eluting implants demonstrated that the implants provide concentrations suitable for #HIV prophylaxis for at least one year.
Senior Scientist Randolph Matthews reporting on the details of the trial’s results at #IAS2019.

Additionally, another study is currently being conducted at the Groote Schuur HIV Clinical Research Site Unit in Cape Town, South Africa, to assess if a long-lasting for of PrEP injected once every two months will work just as well as a daily pill.

Last Updated on Jul 31, 2019

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