The Pentagon
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In a historic decision, contradicting President Trump’s policy, the Pentagon has outlined details on how transgender people will be processed into the military, allowing individuals to join according to their “preferred” gender.

According to NBC a Department of Defense memo dated the 8th of December 2017, the Pentagon states that if an applicant’s preferred gender is different than their birth sex, they may present a birth certificate, court order or passport indicating their preferred sex, to enable them to be processed into the military under that gender.

After processing, Room assignments, height/weight standards, medical exams, underwear requirements, and bathroom assignments will then be determined on the “preferred” gender, even when the individual retains “the anatomical characteristics of their birth sex.”

The memo adds, that both male and female applicants who have undergone sex reassignment surgery or genital reconstruction will be disqualified from joining the military unless they have been physically and emotionally stable for at least 18 months.

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