Blood Donation
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Huge progress in LGBTI rights has been made in Taiwan, following the government’s decision to permit gay men to donate blood from May 2018.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Health, the Blood Consultative Committee recommend lifting the lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men, and instead, replacing it with a policy barring donations from men who have had sex with another man within five years of the planned donation.

According to the current policy (to be replaced in May 2018) titled the “blood donor deferral policy,” LGB residents as well as groups at high-risk of being HIV or AIDS positive and those who have a record of malignant tumors, or those with leukemia, are banned from donating blood for life.

Blood Donation

Dis-satisfied with the government’s stance, an online campaign demanding the lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men be lifted was launched.

Highlighting that the policy is was no longer justified, given advances in HIV testing, The campaign also emphasized advances in blood screening processes, to adequately prevent unsafe blood from being donated.

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