Brody Ray
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America’s Got talent judge Mel B has been brought to tears during an audition by transgender singer Brody Ray, who chose to sing a song that he felt related to his “struggles and battles.”

Ray who also received a standing ovation for his performance, shared that he would be singing the song Stand in the Light by Jordan Smith explained that he could relate to the lyrics about “overcoming struggles and battles.”

When questioned on what struggle it was that he had overcome by judge Howie Mandel, Ray then opened up revealing that he is transgender.

“Inside, I was a man, a boy. I was never quite complete as a person until I started my physical transformation to male in 2010, finally. I started to look like the man I always had felt on the inside. It was the start of my life. And now that I’m fully transitioned, people are seeing me as to who I truly am. I’m ready to be Brody,” Ray explained.

You can watch Brody Ray’s emotional audition on your gay nation below:

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