Troye Sivan. (Screenshot via YouTube)
Troye Sivan. (Screenshot via YouTube)
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Troye Sivan is the latest celebrity to appear on the hit web series “73 Questions” for Vogue.

In the series, celebrities are asked a series of rapid-fire questions while they show the cameraman around their home. Sivan, 24, admits that the home he is giving a tour of isn’t his but his manager’s.

Sivan dishes on his celebrity crush, what it was like filming “Boy Erased,” his favorite things about Australia and America and being called a gay icon.

The South African-Australian singer has mentioned in the past that he’s “uncomfortable” being labeled a gay icon. In the video. he explains it’s because the LGBTQ community is so diverse so it felt wrong to call himself the face of the community.

Troye Sivan, Jacob Bixenman and their dog Nash (Youtube Screenshot)
Troye Sivan, Jacob Bixenman and their dog Nash (Youtube Screenshot)

Sivan’s boyfriend Jacob and their dog Nash also make an appearance.

When asked who their celebrity crush was Sivan said Shawn Mendes and Jacob said Harry Styles which prompted a strange look from Sivan.

In a previous 73 Questions, fellow Aussie Margot Robbie gave Sivan a shoutout and this time Sivan returned the favour.

“Margot, I love ya, we’ve never met, but I would very very very much like to be your friend please,” Sivan said.

Sivan also dished the dirt on what Australia is better at than America, suggesting coffee as the number one thing.

Sivan talks about what it was like to come out on YouTube, his songwriting process, and if he’ll ever bleach his hair again.

Watch the full Vogue 73 Questions on your gay nation below.

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