Ezekial Mutua
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Kenya’s Film Classification Board has come under fire once again after the head of the organisation claimed that young Kenyans are being paid up to $30,000 by foreign groups to “engage in homosexuality.”

Ezekial Mutua, the openly homophobic CEO of the Kenyan Film Classification Board (KFCB), made the outrageous claim during an interview with The Nairobian.

“There are foreign NGOs in Kisumu and Kakamega (counties) which move to the villages to manipulate our poor innocent youth with ‘big money’ of up to Sh3 million (R375,000 / US$30,000) for them to engage in this wicked act,” Mutua said.

Mutua elaborated, “We have asked the NGO Coordination Board to investigate the activities of some of the foreign NGOs in the country. If they do not stop, I will lead in picketing and demonstrations to make our message heard.”

Mutua who fears that the country’s African values are under threat by this “kind of neo-colonialism,” ranted that “These mzungus who are bringing and sponsoring this practice in Kenya should know that we are entrenched in our African morals and principles that portray sexual decency. Our fore parents did not practice homosexuality.”

During the interview, Mutua also warned that gay sex causes “mature men to end up in diapers because they have been ‘destroyed’ by their fellow men,” adding, “It is high time we stopped this Westernised and good-for-nothing practice.”

Mutua, as the nations chief censor,  has been at the forefront of censoring LGBTI-themed films and music videos, most recently the Kenyan film Rafiki, which was banned from being screened in the country, following, and despite its invitation to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

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