Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a model?

Or have you already done some modelling but always wanted to explore it more?

This could be your chance to be part of a fun, cheeky and interactive project that will expose you to a worldwide audience.

2018 Gay Nation Male Model Search will see male models exposed across the Gay Nation website and social media. Following a public online vote the top 12 will then be invited to participate in the 2019 Gay Nation Calendar.

The overall winner of the 2018 Gay Nation Male Model Search will win a prize pack upto the value of $xxxxx.

Step 1 - Who can enter?


    • Are you 18 – 40?
    • Are you comfortable modelling to a majority gay male audience?
    • Do you consider yourself a male model or just ridiculously good looking?
    • Are you comfortable with being shot in your underwear or implied nudity?
    • Are you happy that your photos will remain online (and in google databases) for years to come?
    • Are you happy to be a part of a global project and be featured in social media, video and print?
    • Are you a photographer that has clients who would be great for this competition?


Step2 - Create your entry


    • Complete your details below including your consent for your pictures to be placed all around the internet for the public voting.
    • Upload one(1) main image (Please no nude stuff) that you would like to see used to promote yourself to the world.
    • Feel free to upload more images (Upto 4 images) again no nude stuff.
    • If you wish to list your social media and website links so people can stalk you further then feel free to choose those items you want to show.
    • If you have been nominated by a photographer please include their details so we can make contact and say thanks.


Step 3 - The public vote

Entries will close on Monday 15 October at 7pm (AEDT). 

Public Voting will commence on Tuesday 16 October.

Public Voting will close on Monday 30 October at 7pm (AEDT)

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 31 October and all 12 calendar winners will be notified on Wednesday 1 November 2018 via instagram and email.

If you decide to enter take this chance to round up support for your application, share the voting page and encourage everyone you know to register a vote for you.

Voting will be open for two(2) weeks only, all voters will need to register and log in each time they vote and all votes will be tracked via IP address to make sure that only one vote per day per account is allowed.

Winners will then be officially announced and the fun begins.

Step 4 - The shoot

If you are lucky enough to make the top 12 we will be in contact soon after the voting concludes to discuss what is next.

The timing will be extremely tight so the sooner you get your calendar images taken the better.

We will need a collection of ten(10) images to use for the calendar. You get to choose style, clothes etc but they must be all shot in front of a clear white background and by a professional photographer.

We can arrange a photographer to do the shoot if you are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Auckland.

All images will need to be with our designer by November 21 at the latest but we will give you more details if you are chosen.

Step 5 - The Costs

An administration fee will be charged to each entry into the competition of $25 (AUD).

Other fees will be charged if contestants which to boost their nominations, add in extra details outside of the basic information. These fees will be shown at each stage of the competition.

*** If a photographer nominates a contestant into the competition then they will be rewarded with $12.50 of the administration fee paid to them as a “spotters fee”. The more of your models you ask to enter the more you get.***

Step 6 - The legal stuff

Eikon Media Ltd retains copyright on all images that are uploaded to the competition website and shown on the website or social media during the competition and all images that are used in the making of the calendar and/or subsequent promotional material for the calendar.

Winners will be determined solely by the public vote with the highest 12 ranked models, by vote number, chosen for the shoot.

All 12 winners will receive one(1) place in the 2019 Gay Nation Calendar (a month) and you will also receive one(1) free copy once printed.

All final calendars will be available to purchase online.