Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)
Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)
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The Eternal City is getting a colourful makeover for Pride! A first-of-its-kind rainbow train, decorated with the Progress Pride flag, hit the rails in Rome yesterday.

This vibrant initiative, spearheaded by advertiser Riccardo Pirrone, social media manager Taffo, and the National Social Media Manager Association, celebrates the upcoming 30th anniversary of Rome Pride.

The event promises to be a colossal affair, featuring a record number of floats and singer Annalisa as the official godmother.


However, the rainbow train hasn’t been met with universal acclaim. Atac, one of the largest Local Public Transport companies in Europe, posted about the train on social media and was bombarded with negative comments, with some users expressing outrage and vowing to find alternative means of transport.

Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)
Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)

One user, Lele, bluntly stated, “I’ll wait for the next train,” while another, Daniele, sarcastically questioned the train’s eco-friendliness, predicting a surge in walking commutes.

Despite the negativity, plenty of positive reactions emerged. One user praised the train as “a ray of sunshine and hope” for the city, while another gleefully anticipated the sight of “homophobic people bursting with frustration.”


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The contrasting reactions highlight the ongoing struggle for LGBTQIA+ acceptance in Italy. While Rome embraces inclusivity with this symbolic gesture, pockets of intolerance remain. However, the train’s purpose is clear: to celebrate diversity and pave the way for a more accepting future.

Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)
Rome rainbow train (ATAC Youtube)

The 30th Rome Pride promises to be a momentous occasion, showcasing the city’s LGBTQIA+ community in all its vibrancy. The rainbow train serves as a powerful symbol of progress, reminding everyone that love is love, no matter the color.

Last Updated on Jun 14, 2024

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