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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a model?

Or have you already done some modelling but always wanted to explore it more?

This could be your chance to be part of a fun, cheeky and interactive project that will expose you to a worldwide audience.

30 Male Models in 30 Days is the brainchild of Andrew Stubbersfield which will see 30 guys shot across 30 days in Sydney. The 30 guys will then have their shots shared online via social media, eikonline.com and other media outlets.

They will also be used in a possible special one-off photo exhibition in Sydney, a place where you can show off your modeling expertise to family and friends.
(Venue, Timing and Event all subject to sponsorship/financing)

[vc_text_separator title=”STEP 1 – WHO CAN ENTER?” color=”pink” border_width=”3″]


  • Are you 18 – 40?
  • A resident of Sydney or can get to Sydney at short notice?
  • Do you consider yourself a male model or just ridiculously good looking?
  • Are you comfortable with being shot in your underwear or implied nudity?
  • Are you happy to be a part of a global project and be featured in social media, video and print?
[vc_text_separator title=”STEP 2 – CREATE YOUR ENTRY” color=”orange” border_width=”3″]


  • Complete your details below including your consent for your pictures to be placed all around the internet for the public voting.
  • Upload one(1) shirtless body pic only (Please no nude stuff)
  • List your social media details so the public can stalk you some more if they need to.
[vc_text_separator title=”STEP 3 – THE PUBLIC VOTE” color=”green” border_width=”3″]

Entries are now CLOSED. You can vote for your favourite here.

The finalists will be notified on Monday 8 May 2017 via instagram and then public voting will open soon after.

If you become a finalist, take this chance to round up support for your application, share the voting page and encourage everyone you know to register a vote for you.

Voting will be open for three(3) weeks and all votes will be tracked via IP address to make sure that only one vote per day per account is allowed.

Winners will then be officially announced and the fun begins.

[vc_text_separator title=”STEP 4 – THE SHOOT” color=”sky” border_width=”3″]

The moment you are one of the special 30, Andrew will make contact to arrange a time and venue for your shoot.

The timing will be extremely tight so being flexible in your availability will be needed. (If models are not available for their allotted time then they will be replaced.)

Every participant will receive 3 posts, behind the scenes, teaser and money-shot and these will be shared through social media.

One shot may be then chosen to be printed, mounted and displayed at the 30 Male Models in 30 Days Exhibition. (TBC)

[vc_text_separator title=”STEP 5 – THE LEGAL STUFF” color=”sandy_brown” border_width=”3″]

Andrew Stubbersfield Photography retains copyright on all images shot including those used for social media, websites and exhibition.

Winners will be determined solely by the public vote with the highest 30 ranked models, by vote number, chosen for the shoot.

All 30 winners will receive three(3) high-res images from the shoot (without watermark)

All 30 winners will receive two(2) invitations to the official launch of the 30 Male Models in 30 Days exhibition in Sydney (TBC).

All final printed images will be available for purchase at the exhibition or online following the exhibition if not purchased before.(TBC)