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Australian born men’s underwear company Debriefs was born to bring premium comfort to Australian men but today with its new luxury range it is also about improving lives and well-being.

Partnering with trusted suppliers to ensure minimal environmental impact, unethical and unfair work practices, Debriefs have launched a new range of men’s luxury MicroModal underwear.

MicroModal is a naturally derived fabric, made from cellulose extracted from Beechwood trees in Austria.


It’s 3x softer, and 50% more absorbent than cotton, making it a much better fabric for comfort in today’s demanding lifestyle.

Partnering with Lenzing, the original modal manufacturer in Austria, and, the first organic textiles manufacturer in Turkey, to source and produce the highest quality MicroModal underwear that ensures minimal environmental impact.

This alignment of social values between the three companies allows Debriefs to reduce their carbon footprint, and eliminate unethical or unfair work practices.

All in addition to providing upgraded comfort to men which, turns a good day into a great day and improves mental health.


Debriefs founder Will Thomas said he was very excited about the new range that continues the mission of providing no marketing gimmicks, just a quality, comfortable pair of underwear.

“We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our product and fixing the mistakes mass-market brands created so we’re confident men will enjoy better well-being with Debriefs,” Thomas explained to Gay Nation.

“The response so far has been extremely positive so we couldn’t be happier.”

As mental health becomes a concern for an increasing number of men in Australia, Debriefs has shown their support for the cause.

Through better, comfortable underwear and inclusion within the Debriefs community, the brand provides a way for men to feel better and make fewer decisions a day. Debriefs is more than just an underwear brand, they’re a lifestyle.

To find out more about Debriefs or indeed purchase a pair of the stunning underwear visit the website here


Last Updated on Sep 25, 2019

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