Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno - (Gerhard Meiring Photography)
Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno - (Gerhard Meiring Photography)
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So as you may or may not know I recently competed at Mr Gay World in South Africa, a competition that highlights LGBTI social issues across the world and recognizes the work that individuals have achieved for the broader LGBTI community.

The competition was across seven days and it was absolutely full on. We were tested on the social work we have achieved, the social work we want to achieve going forward, our ability to present, talk and deliver a message to a large audience and finally how well we cope with pressure and exude confidence. Like I said… FULL ON.

Although the competition was extremely full on, it was also absolutely amazing.

Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno in his National Costume - (Gerhard Meiring Photography)
Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno in his National Costume – (Gerhard Meiring Photography)

It drew my attention to LGBTI social issues going on across the world (some that I wasn’t aware of like in India and Nepal), it helped me create friendships and support networks for life and it gave me the opportunity to showcase my passion I have for the LGBTI community with the work I have done and the work I want to do #TheGayAgenda

At the end of the competition, I was very happy to be announced Mr Gay World of 2018, a title that I do not take lightly and one that I still think needs to be earned.

So as promised to my peers that I made through this incredible experience and to the judges I met on the journey, here are the things I’m going to try and achieve as Mr Gay World 2018:

  • I want to create a series of videos that highlight LGBTI social issues such as body shaming, femme shaming, lesbian inclusion at pride events, transsexual inclusion, removing HIV stigma and more.
  • I want to release a second cookbook with all profits going to LGBTI charities across the world that need support.
  • I want to be a voice for all the delegates that I competed with at Mr Gay World, and ensure that their campaigns and their voices are being heard across the world.
  • I want to be an approachable and visible person for LGBTI people struggling with their sexuality and mental health. I want to offer them support and make clear the support channels that are available.
  • I want to create safe events for LGBTI youth in Australia and eventually the world so support networks can be created amongst them.
  • I want to raise funds for LGBTI charities that are pushing for equality or helping LGBTI people in need.

I feel so honoured to represent this community on an International scale and I’m really hoping I can inspire some positive change.

Jordan Bruno x

Last Updated on Jun 7, 2018

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