Christian Wilkins (Instagram)
Christian Wilkins (Instagram)
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Christian Wilkins has spoken out after allegedly being “verbally abused” with a homophobic slur at the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday where he was called a “F**king F*g” by another racegoer at the event.

The incident occurred in The Birdcage area where celebrities mix with business people during the race day.

Wilkins, 23 and son of TODAY Show Reporter Richard Wilkins, posted a picture of the man on his social media soon after the comments were made.


“I’m not one to usually call ppl out but this gentleman has called me a “f**king f*g” who should “f**k off back home” now three times. I’m so disgusted to hear such homophobia in 2018. #MelbourneCupDay,” posted Wilkins on Twitter.

Speaking on the KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O radio show this morning Wilkins was upset that this could happen at somewhere like the Melbourne Cup.

“He didn’t just say it one time he said it three times, but if you saw the photo I was more offended by his shirt,” said Wilkins on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“After he said it for the third time I told security and they were trying to escort him out but I thought like that’s enough I took a photo of him, I put it on my twitter, I put it on my Instagram Story, just calling him out to see if someone will know who he is and it got quite a bit of traction and I don’t think people should be able to get away with that.”

Host Kyle Sandilands said he was flabbergasted that in this day and age at an event like the Melbourne Cup that someone would be so bold to yell that out at someone.

“Its dumb and archaic to have those thoughts anyway, but to yell them out at someone in an event like that where there’s other people obviously doing nothing it’s weird to me.” Sandilands said.

“His friends were like stop provoking him and I’m like I’m just standing here and they were like ‘with your outfit’ and I’m like its Melbourne Cup and I look fabulous,” Wilkins continued.

“Looking how I do and wearing what I wear you’re always going to cop a little bit of backlash but at an event like that it made me a bit sad to think that if he is saying it at this event what’s he saying about a little baby gay walking down the street who might not have the experience on how to deal with it, how do they feel.

“I’m just making sure these people realise that it’s not OK and calling them out I think its a great step in a good direction.”

Christian Wilkins came out publicly in March.


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Last Updated on Nov 8, 2018

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