Dry July
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The idea of giving up alcohol might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or shot of vodka), but July is the time to put down the cider and opt for apple juice instead.

For those that haven’t heard, Dry July is the idea of giving up alcohol for an entire month to promote and fundraise for cancer research in New Zealand and Australia.

By signing up to the online site, everyone is encouraged to ask for donations to their chosen cancer-based-charity as they abstain from alcohol.


Cancer is the biggest cause of death in New Zealand counting for approximately 28.9 per cent of deaths.

Giving up alcohol and donating money seems to be a small price to pay for such an important cause.

This is why I accepted the challenge even if it started as a joke among my friends.

No one seriously believed I would agree to it or be able to pull it off.

It’s not that I lack self control, but among my friends I was notorious for knocking back one-too-many beers on the weekend and heading into town to dance the night away.

This takes a toll on the body and it will be interesting to document the changes I undergo as this progresses.

You can donate to my page and the cause at here

Last Updated on Jul 10, 2015

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