Switzerland's rising Eurovision star, Nemo
Switzerland's rising Eurovision star, Nemo
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Eurovision might be known for its glitz, glam, and catchy tunes, but online hate continues to cast a shadow over the competition. Fresh off the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)’s vow to crack down on digital abuse towards contestants, another participant has found themselves targeted. This time, it’s Switzerland’s rising star, Nemo.

Nemo, a non-binary musical powerhouse, is currently the bookies’ favourite to snag the top spot. However, their dream run is being marred by a barrage of online hate. Unlike Germany’s entry, Nemo’s queer identity seems to be the main trigger for the vitriol.

Taking to Instagram, Nemo bravely addressed the attacks: “Not feeling great today. Staying strong and ignoring transphobic and just plain nasty comments isn’t always a breeze. It’s mind-boggling how some people can be so hateful. Wish I could just tune it out and focus on the love and support, but it gets to you. Working on it, though.”


Thankfully, Nemo’s post sparked a massive outpouring of support. Hundreds of users showered them with love, sending virtual hugs and words of encouragement. This wave of positivity must have been a welcome change for the Swiss artist.


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Nemo perfectly captured the essence of what Eurovision should be about – tolerance and inclusivity.

In their own words to CH Media, “That’s what my ideal society looks like.” However, Nemo’s experience highlights the harsh reality that lies outside the Eurovision bubble, where the fight for acceptance continues.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that online hate is a real issue, even for international stars. While the EBU’s commitment to tackling digital abuse is a positive step, it also shines a light on the ongoing need for online platforms to do more in creating safe spaces for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We can only hope that Nemo’s courage in speaking out inspires others to stand strong against online bullies and that Eurovision continues to be a platform for celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Last Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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