Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)
Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)
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Once bullied in a Puerto Rican High School for being gay, Mass Luciano is now heading to South Africa to represent Hong Kong in the 2015 Mr Gay World Competition.

But it was in his teenage years where Luciano learnt to stand up for himself and not be a victim.

“I was bullied for being different,” said Luciano in an interview with Eikon this week.


“Not only did I stand up for myself, I stood up loud and ended up being class president and became friends with all those who once bullied me.”

Mass Luciano was chosen from four finalists to be Hong Kong’s representative. This followed a month long campaign rallying for votes and a finale night parading in different outfits and answering judges’ questions.

“On the night of the finale, all the contestants had to give an opening statement about why they should be Mr. Gay Hong Kong.

“It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and I’m thrilled to be representing my LGBT community in South Africa.

Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)
Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)

Luciano was born in Peurto Rico but spent time in many different places across the world as a result of his father being in the US Army. Following his High School years, Luciano moved to Los Angeles to study fashion design.

Since then he has worked as a fashion designer for many internationally known brands.

“I ended up working for a company with offices in Hong Kong and I fell in love with the city.”

“After five years of traveling back and forth between LA and HK, I now call Hong Kong my home.”

“I’ve been a resident here for over 2 years now and still find it fascinating.”

In 2014 he assisted the then Mr Gay Hong Kong, Bridge Hudson, with his styling and this year decided to compete and “try to spice things up a bit.”

“For me it’s important to be involved with the LGBT Community and that includes supporting events and participating in activities such as Mr Gay Hong Kong.”

“I’ve always dreamt about going to South Africa and being able to go there and meeting all the gay representatives from around the world is really exciting.”

“Besides the competition, I’m looking forward to go on safari and getting to learn more about the diverse culture and vast history of South Africa and it’s beautiful people.”

Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)
Mass Luciano (Photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman)

He believes his fashion design experience and style will help him get an edge in the Mr Gay World Competition that begins in Cape Town on April 27.

“I hope my fashion sense and style stands out from the rest of the crowd.”

“I love dressing up and mixing styles up… why blend in when you can stand out.”

As part of the lead-up, Mass Luciano organised a music video with some of the former Mr Gay Hong Kong representatives to celebrate diversity.

“I’m good friends with all the former MGHK titleholders and they’ve been very supportive and given me lots of advise on the competition.”

“The best advice has been to have fun and to stay true to myself. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan to enjoy every moment.”

Mass Luciano can be followed on his Instagram account (@massluciano) and his fashion blog at

Mr Gay World will be announced at an event at the Cape Town City Hall on the 3rd of May 2015.


Eikon is the official media partner of Mr Gay New Zealand Matt Fistonich. For more information about Mr Gay New Zealand visit the webpage here.

Last Updated on Mar 19, 2015

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