Lewis Hamilton and his 2024 Pride Helmet (Instagram)
Lewis Hamilton and his 2024 Pride Helmet (Instagram)
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Former World Champion Lewis Hamilton continues to be a champion for social justice, not just on the Formula 1 track, but on the global sporting stage as the words “Love is Love” with a rainbow, were placed across the top of his helmet this weekend in Barcelona to celebrate Pride Month.

Known for using his platform to advocate for causes close to his heart, Hamilton is a vocal supporter of women’s rights, funding STEM education for girls, and a strong ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

However, Hamilton’s activism clashes with the increasingly restrictive FIA, Formula 1’s governing body. In January 2023, the FIA implemented a policy barring drivers from making “political, religious and personal statements” without prior permission. This includes Hamilton’s past and present displays of support for LGBTQIA+ rights.


But the FIA’s attempt to silence him appears to have fallen on deaf ears. This past weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona saw Hamilton take a powerful stand for Pride month. He donned a helmet emblazoned with a vibrant Pride flag, a clear message of solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Lewis Hamilton and his 2024 Pride Helmet (Instagram)
Lewis Hamilton and his 2024 Pride Helmet (Instagram)

This bold move directly challenges the FIA’s regulations. Hamilton’s helmet not only features the rainbow symbol but also carries a powerful inscription on top: “Love is Love.” This simple message cuts through the noise, reminding everyone of the core message of Pride – acceptance and inclusivity.

This isn’t Hamilton’s first act of defiance in support of LGBTQIA+ rights. Last year, he wore a Pride flag on his helmet during the Miami GP, held in a state infamous for its “Don’t Say Gay” education policy.

Hamilton’s unwavering commitment to social justice, even in the face of potential sanctions, is a powerful example. He uses his platform to promote inclusivity and challenge discriminatory practices, both on and off the track.


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Other teams have also become involved in Pride Month celebrations with the BWT Alpine team announcing a renewed partnership with Racing Pride, the initiative championing LGBTQ+ inclusion through motorsport, to promote key messages and several initiatives to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

BWT Alpine F1 Team has welcomed Racing Pride to the headquarters at Enstone in the Uk for events including Fan Base visits and activities surrounding Pride Month, as well as internal workshops for our team members.

Bruno Famin, BWT Alpine F1 Team, Team Principal said working with Racing Pride was essential for enhancing diversity and inclusion initiatives in motorsports.

“By helping to promote LGBTQ+ representation it fosters an inclusive environment, leading to greater acceptance and support within the racing community and company-wide,” Famin said.

“We are aiming to expand on awareness, allyship and engagement whilst supporting and getting to know our LGBTQ+ community further and continuing to foster a culture of inclusion at Alpine. We look forward to a strong series of events with Racing Pride throughout 2024.”

Sky Sports F1 coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix also included a segment dedicated to Pride Month in the F1 show.

Last Updated on Jun 24, 2024

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