Paddy White and Keegan Hirst on Celebrity First Dates - Twitter
Paddy White and Keegan Hirst on Celebrity First Dates - Twitter
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Last year eikon reported about the first English rugby league player to come out as gay and now Keegan Hirst has taken it one step further by landing a spot in a celebrity dating tv show.

The 28-year-old, who plays for the Batley Bulldogs play in the Kingston Press Competition, was originally married with kids before coming out.

After coming to terms with being gay, Hirst realised he had to be upfront and come out to his wife and since then has gone public and lived the life of a gay man in the spotlight.


He will now hit the big time on Friday night in the Uk when he appears on Celebrity First Dates TV show alongside a well-known personal trainer Paddy White.

Online Celebrity PT Paddy White - Instagram
Online Celebrity PT Paddy White – Instagram

During the episode the self-confessed ex-party boy tells Hirst on the date that he takes at least 50 selfies a day, posted over 100,000 tweets in five years, and admits to Hirst he posted social media updates during sex to his followers.

“I was eager to make a good impression on Keegan and tried to impress him with my honesty and my humor, maybe I went just a little too far!,” White said.

It will be interesting to see if this dive into the big time of national TV helps Hirst find love or find other easier less public ways to find a date.

Last Updated on Jul 20, 2016

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