Dawid and Jakub - Facebook: @Jakub i Dawid
Dawid and Jakub - Facebook: @Jakub i Dawid
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Five years ago, the Polish couple Jakub Kwieciński and Dawid Mycek got married in Portugal.

Since then, they have been fighting for the marriage to be recognized in their home country and now Poland’s Supreme Court has given recognition to the fight.

Poland is one of the six EU countries that still does not recognize same-sex marriage but now an unusual step has been taken for the country, which opens the door to giving gay couples more rights.


On Thursday, Poland’s Supreme Court announced that the country’s constitution should not be interpreted as banning same-sex marriage.

The announcement came after the couple Jakub Kwieciński and Dawid Mycek fought for five years to have their marriage recognized as entered into in Portugal five years ago.

The judgment states that section 18 of the constitution does not prohibit marriage between same-sex couples, which opens the door for same-sex marriages entered outside Poland to be registered in the country.

On Facebook, the couple wrote about the unusual progress for the rights of LGBTQ people in the country.

“During the hearing for the first time, NSA stated unambiguously that our CONSTITUTION does not prohibit same-sex marriage. These are historical words that debunk the myth the right has repeated for years. Today the court dealt with this lie once and for all.”


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Readers would remember the couple from the early days of the pandemic when they had rainbow masks created and handed them out in towns across the Baltic cities.

Last Updated on Nov 8, 2022

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