Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)
Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)
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Forget fluorescent-lit offices and endless Zoom calls. The Prada Fall/Winter 2024 menswear collection, unveiled during Milan Fashion Week, asks us to step away from the digital matrix and into the sun-soaked reality of the natural world.

AMO, the architectural think tank behind the Prada set design, created a stunningly paradoxical landscape: a sleek office space bisected by a flowing stream and lush greenery. This stark juxtaposition wasn’t just aesthetic; it was a manifesto.

“There is a simple assertion,” Prada declares, “of a deep and essential human need to connect with the world around us.”


Prada Ambassadors Troye Sivan, Win Metawin and Jake Gyllenhaal were three of many celebrities who attended the launch.

Prada clothing becomes an extension of this yearning, each garment resonating with the rhythms of nature and the pulse of the living world. Tailored jackets flow like wind-kissed leaves, knitwear mimics the earthy textures of fallen logs, and boots tread with the surefootedness of creatures adapting to their terrain.

Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)
Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)

But this isn’t a romantic escape into Walden Pond. Prada recognizes the duality of our existence, the constant dance between urban reality and primal urges. Clothes shift and adapt, transforming from office-ready polish to outdoor adventure-wear with a mere twist or layer.

Puffer jackets shrug over crisp suits, backpacks clasp sleek briefcases, and polished loafers give way to sturdy treaded boots. It’s a wardrobe for a generation straddling the digital divide, yearning for the grounded simplicity of nature while still navigating the concrete jungle.

This collection isn’t just about trends or aesthetics; it’s a call to action. It pushes back against the artificiality of our screens, reminding us of the sensual textures, the invigorating rhythms, and the raw beauty that exists just beyond the glass walls of our digital lives. It’s a plea to reconnect with the seasons, to feel the sun on our skin, the wind in our hair, and the earth beneath our feet.

Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)
Prada Fall/Winter 2024 (Prada)

This is Prada’s message for 2024: ditch the curated Instagram grids and step into the messy, magnificent reality of the outdoors.

Wear clothes that breathe, that move, that adapt. Embrace the duality of our existence, the tug-of-war between nature and technology. And remember, sometimes, the most stylish thing you can wear is a connection to the world around you.

So, put down your phone, lace up your boots, and step outside. The real world, and real style, awaits. Watch the full show below.

Last Updated on Jan 17, 2024

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