Apple Pride Collection 2024. (Apple)
Apple Pride Collection 2024. (Apple)
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Apple’s annual Pride collection is here, and this year it boasts a new Apple Watch Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop alongside matching watch faces and wallpapers. While Apple said this is about “championing global movements to protect and advance equality for LGBTQ+ communities,” some might question if it’s more rainbow capitalism than real action.

The collection, available to order here from May 22nd (US Time), features a vibrant braided band inspired by multiple pride flags, with colours specifically chosen to represent different communities.

Black and brown symbolise Black, Hispanic, and Latin communities impacted by HIV/AIDS, while pink, light blue, and white represent transgender and non-binary individuals.


For the first time ever, the watch face and wallpapers can also be customised with a “spectrum of colours representing the vibrancy and diversity of LGBTQ+ communities.”

“Signaling hope, strength, and fellowship to LGBTQ+ communities, the beams of light glow against a dark background, and stack on top of each other to represent the everlasting impact of LGBTQ+ activism and its role in illuminating the path to greater equality for future generations,” said the Apple statement.

Apple claims the collection goes beyond aesthetics, highlighting its support for LGBTQ+ advocacy organisations. However, the real impact remains to be seen.

Apple Pride Collection Watch. (Apple)
Apple Pride Collection Watch. (Apple)

The “Pride Radiance” watch face and wallpapers feature bold colours symbolising hope, strength, and unity.

Beams of light glow against a dark background, representing the ongoing fight for equality. On the Apple Watch, these colours move with the wearer, while on iPhones and iPads, they dynamically shift when you unlock your device.

“Users can choose from a spectrum of colours to personalise their watch face and wallpapers.”

The new watch face and wallpapers will be available in a future software update (watchOS 10.5, iOS 17.5, and iPadOS 17.5).

So, is the 2024 Pride Collection genuine advocacy or just another marketing campaign? You be the judge.

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

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