Mr Gay Pride Australia 2019 Rad Mitic - Photo Fred Lemarche (The Boy Project)
Mr Gay Pride Australia 2019 Rad Mitic - Photo Fred Lemarche (The Boy Project)
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Entries for Mr Gay Pride Australia 2020 are now open.

Gay Nation managed to grab 2019 Mr Gay Pride Australia Rad Mitic for a quick chat to ask him about what his experience was like over the year and what things you need to know if you want to register for the 2020 competition.

Mr Gay Pride Australia is proudly sponsored by Trustpilot and will be with us for the entire process to find the 2020 winner.


Q. Why do you think people should go for Mr Gay Pride Australia?

Rad. It’s a great opportunity that opens lots of doors for your campaign. You can reach more people and make bigger changes faster. The platform is there to help you as much as you want to use it, you bond with like-minded people, it’s also a once in a lifetime experience.

Q. Who should enter Mr Gay Pride Australia?

​Rad. People who want to help change our community for the better. It would be great if there is someone who is leading a not-for-profit or a community group and wants to get more attention for their cause. A leader that is pushing for change

Q. How does the Australian competition differ from Mr Gay World?

Rad. The Australian competition feels more community, where Mr Gay World is making a difference globally. Regardless, both support you with your campaign and you’ll meet incredible people both in Australia and at the world competition. You’ll feel so proud supporting your community and country.

Rad Mitic preparing for the Formal Judging in the Mr Gay World competition. (Instagram)
Rad Mitic preparing for the Formal Judging in the Mr Gay World competition. (Instagram)

Q. What is the biggest misconception about the competition?

Rad. It’s definitely not a beauty contest and it’s lots of hard work.

Q. What qualities are the judges looking for from entrants?

Rad. Someone who is genuine, passionate and is there for the right reasons. Someone who has a clear idea of what they are doing and want to do.

Q. How would you describe the friendships that are formed for taking part in the competition?

Rad. Look I’ll be completely honest and say I speak to all 22 Mr Gay World contestants, we are all very close and speak all the time. After spending two weeks together you bond and become family. I only keep in touch with 2 from Mr Gay Pride, they are awesome and still doing great things for our community still.

Q. What will be your role during the 2020 Mr Gay Pride Finale process?

Rad. I’ll be there supporting and mentoring the person who wins, I’ll be there giving back like people did for me. I’ll also be there supporting Trustpilot who are the major sponsor as well and doing what is needed.

To find out more and register, visit the website

Last Updated on Dec 8, 2019

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