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There have been many videos from around the world, showing the reactions of people when they see same-sex couples walking down a public street hand in hand.

Portuguese gay couple Lorenzo and Pedro decided to see the reaction of the people in their home town of Lisbon.

Unlike the reactions seen by people in Moscow and Keiv, which ended in physical altercation, or Jerusalem where the couple were called “Faggots” multiple times, the reactions where predominantly positive.


“‘What we got is very different from the other experimental videos, because the result was very positive,” Lorenzo explained.

“There was no hate, threats, punches, not a single piece of verbal abuse. Of course we had plenty of people staring at us, but these were not negative stares.

“These were looks of surprise, or curiosity, or maybe it’s because they were looking at us because I’m 6’5 and Pedro’s 5’7, so that’s quite a big difference.

“To be honest, we actually don’t walk together holding hands together in public. Don’t ask us why, because maybe we’re a little bit frightened? But to be honest, after filming this video, we felt respected and free.

“We’re so proud of our city.”

Last Updated on Sep 12, 2015

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