Regional Victoria Pride
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The Victorian Government is throwing its weight behind LGBTIQA+ inclusion, with a funding program designed to ignite Pride celebrations across the state.

Victorian Minister for Equality Harriet Shing announced the opening of applications for the 2025 Victoria’s Pride Regional Activation Program. This initiative aims to bring the vibrancy of Pride to every corner of Victoria, culminating in the iconic street party on February 9, 2025 at Melbourne’s Gertrude and Smith Streets.

“We’re celebrating LGBTIQA+ communities right across the state, by delivering events in every corner of Victoria that champion the diversity of people that live in the regions,” declared Minister Shing.


The program offers more than just celebration; it fosters a sense of connection and allows Victorians of all backgrounds to express their support.

Victoria’s Pride collaborates with the Victorian Government and leading LGBTIQA+ arts organization Midsumma. The government has committed $6.8 million to Victoria’s Pride over four years, reflecting its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.

The Regional Activation Program encourages regional and rural Victorian groups to submit proposals for events leading up to February 9th, 2025. These can be anything from artistic creations and community celebrations to historical exhibitions and projects that delve into the experiences of LGBTIQA+ Victorians.

“This is about building inclusion across communities in the state, enabling all Victorians to show their pride in rainbow communities and learn about their experiences,” Minister Shing said.

Victorian Minister for Equality Harriet Shing
Victorian Minister for Equality Harriet Shing

Midsumma CEO Karen Bryant expressed her enthusiasm for the program’s impact.

“We are thrilled that this initiative plays such a vital role in the development of regional artists, art forms and communities, extending the reach and impact for LGBTQIA+ communities, sharing their creativity and their personal stories, through the arts, and ensuring that regional community voices and diverse identities are central to Victoria’s Pride, for now and for the future,” Ms. Bryant said.

So dust off your rainbow flags, regional Victorians! This is your chance to showcase your pride and celebrate the vibrant LGBTIQA+ community in your own backyard.

With the support of the Regional Activation Program, Victoria’s Pride promises to be a truly statewide celebration. For more details and to apply go here.

Last Updated on Jun 4, 2024

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