Joshua Cavallo (Instagram)
Joshua Cavallo (Instagram)
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In the field of professional football, where the crowd’s cheers usually drown out the struggles of players, Josh Cavallo of Adelaide United has found himself grappling with a challenge that reached beyond the pitch. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the young openly gay footballer has shared the difficulties he faced during a period of absence from the game due to a long-term injury.

Cavallo, 23, had successful surgery to repair his left Achilles tendon after he ruptured it in an Adelaide United match in February, but the time off the pitch has taken a toll.

The external chatter wasn’t the usual commentary on a player’s performance or recovery. Instead, it took a sinister turn, materialising as numerous death threats aimed at his everyday life and sexuality. In a society that should be embracing inclusivity and acceptance, Cavallo’s experience highlights the harsh reality that still lingers of extreme homophobia in sport.


However, Cavallo has refused to let the hate define him and has spoken with unyielding confidence about never doubting the person he has become and his commitment to proudly wearing his identity on his sleeves. His plea extends beyond his own experience, expressing the hope that no one’s son or daughter should ever have to endure such vile treatment.

“I will never doubt the person I have become and WILL continue to wear who I am proud on my sleeves,” Cavallo posted on Instagram.

“I hope no one’s son or daughter will ever have to go through this experience. It is beyond vile.”

Cavallo became the first Australian soccer player to come out as gay in October 2021 and at the time the only footballer in the world that was out and playing in a professional football league.

What distinguishes Cavallo’s response is not just his personal strength but also his dedication to creating positive change. He acknowledged the lack of accountability for those who spewed hate and how he has invested a significant amount in preventing structures and education against homophobia. His vision goes beyond his own generation, aiming to create a future where such behaviour is not excused.

“It’s so sad there is no one to hold these people accountable. I invest, and I invest a lot in preventing structures and education against homophobia. For my own generation to the next to not excuse this behaviour.”

Cavallo takes it a step further, calling for criminal punishment for those responsible for the threats he faced. His demand for accountability resonates with a broader need to protect players’ safety, emphasising the importance of taking significant steps towards eradicating homophobia from the sport. He envisions a safer environment for players, not just in the context of their careers but also in their personal lives.

Looking ahead, Cavallo’s advocacy extends to the global stage, with his eyes set on the 2026 World Cup. He sees it as an opportunity to instil measures that safeguard players from the kind of hate he endured.

In a sport that has the power to unite nations, Cavallo’s vision aligns with the principles of inclusivity and acceptance that should be at the forefront of the beautiful game.

Cavallo has returned to train with his Adelaide United teammates but is still a way off from getting back on the pitch.

As he expresses gratitude to those who stood by him with endless positivity, Cavallo’s return to the pitch becomes more than a personal triumph. It becomes a symbol of resilience, a beacon of hope, and a call to action for a footy community that must continue evolving towards a future where love triumphs over hate.

Last Updated on Nov 28, 2023

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