Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)
Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)
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On a balmy summer night when the sun is setting directly across Sydney harbour, how about you head out for an amazing experience, on a bed, watching your favourite movie with all the luxuries of being at home?

One of the coolest experiences in a Sydney summer is back as Mov’in Bed transforms Barangaroo’s Harbour Park into a city beach, where 280 tons of white sand is laid out with 150 plush queen-size cloud-like beds, replete with pillows and blankets, for couples and friends to cosy up in front of the largest outdoor screen in Australia.

With the sparkling Barangaroo skyline as the backdrop, an extensive program of new and classic films and delectable food and beverage offerings served directly to your bedside, Mov’in Bed is an extraordinary yet affordable premium experience in a city that knows how to make summer fun.


Launched in 2016, Mov’in Bed quickly became the experience to be a part of each Sydney summer as it redefined the concept of outdoor cinema.

Speaking about how Mov’in Bed came about, Founder and Director Vincent Hernandez said it was an inspiration that stemmed from a desire to transform the outdoor cinema experience in Sydney.

“True story! I attended an outdoor cinema in Sydney. I used my backpack as a pillow and my jumper as a blanket for when it started to get chilly. I thought that it would be awesome to enjoy an outdoor experience in a bed,” Hernandez said.

“I wanted to create a unique and immersive atmosphere where patrons could enjoy the magic of movies under the stars, while also providing comfort and luxury through our signature queen-sized beds.”

Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)
Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)

After an over-long intermission during the pandemic, the three-month event is back more fun and comfy than ever.

“Undoubtedly, the pandemic posed significant challenges, resulting in an over-long intermission,” Hernandez explained.

“However, we used this time to evolve Mov’in Bed, transforming it to Mov’in Car then to Mov’in Boat, so in a way it got us out of our comfort zone. We upheld our commitment to delivering extraordinary yet affordable premium outdoor cinema experiences.

“Mov’in Bed morphed and the pandemic created a dynamic where we are now excited to always push the limits and think out of the box, so our cinema experience is more than just watching a movie.”

Mov’in Bed will bring back the halftime experience of film-going for longer running-time movies, with entertainment and refreshments available during a welcome pause that harks back to the classic drive-in film nights our parents used to look forward to.

“With movies becoming longer and longer, offering an option to have a break to go to the toilet, have a drink or more food makes a lot of sense to me.

“Our halftime experience for longer running-time movies is a testament to this commitment to offer to our audiences a unique and enjoyable cinema experience,” Hernandez explained.

The Mov’in Bed experience includes pre-screening music from DJs playing some of the best movie soundtrack songs to sing and groove along to.

Then when the film begins, all will be silent, thanks to specially designed noise-cancelling headphones supplied to every guest, creating a completely immersive audiovisual experience.

If you’re coming to see Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon under the glistening Sydney moon, you won’t have to apologise for taking an intermission break during its 3-hour 26-minute screening!

Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)
Mov’In Bed at Barangaroo (Supplied)

Other headlining movies on offer across the three-month season, such as Ridley Scott’s Napoleon and The Marvels, starring Brie Larson, will feature along with exciting outdoor cinema premieres and beloved favourites – timeless classics, family-friendly gems, romance, action and special dress-up theme nights.

Hernandez said Mov’in Bed was focused on having many latest releases, movies that are great and that people didn’t necessarily see in a theatre.

“I’m personally very excited to be screening Napoleon, The Boy and the Heron, and Killers of the Flower Moon – they’re diverse, entertaining, and movies that will for sure transport you.”

The full program announcement for Mov’in Bed, including the much-anticipated opening night film, will – in the best tradition of cinema anticipation – be coming soon. More details here.

Last Updated on Nov 25, 2023

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