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Mike Hosking - TVNZ
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Co-host of Television New Zealand’s prime time news show Sevan Sharp has once again put his foot in his mouth, by describing parents as “too weird for words” for refusing to label their child as a gender at birth.

Hosking who rolled his eyes at the idea of someone being gender neutral, scoffed at the idea that an individual should not be allocated a gender at birth and should be able to choose their own gender at a later stage in life.

“The worlds gone mad, there’s too many people coming up with random ideas these days, they just come up with some nutty hairbrained idea,” Hosking claimed on Sevan Sharp.


“Instead of going ‘you know what you’re an idiot,’ we all go ‘oh well that’s interesting, well let’s discuss that a little bit,'” he adds.

Hosking who has a reputation of making provocative, and ignorant statement also works as the weekly Breakfast host on radio station Newstalk ZB, and has described himself as “a money person, I’m a capitalist. I’m to the right of Roger Douglas.”

The climate change denier, has also been accused of overt political bias by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and Labour leader Andrew Little, a claim which is strongly denied by Hosking and former Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key.

Last Updated on Jul 6, 2017

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