Top 5 technology trends of 2017
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Can you believe it’s already February tomorrow? Yeah, thats right, a whole month has gone of the year and most of us haven’t even fired a shot.

The team here at eikon thought it was timely to find out what are going to be the big technology trends for 2017. What do the experts think are going to change our world….forever.

Thanks to Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer from Cisco Australia & New Zealand who has put together some great predictions for 2017.

Kevin believes digitisation is going to permanently transform everything this year so if you haven’t got on board then it’s time to do so right now.

Here is our Top 5. For the Cisco Top 10 click here.

5. Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

This year there will be a shift from ‘mobile-first’ to ‘AI-first’. Kevin Bloch suggests in 2017 Virtually every application and service will soon incorporate some form of AI and the major tech players will battle for talent. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Cisco Stealthwatch have one thing in common – they are adaptive, yet not human-programmed.

4. The end of the cloud as we know it

End of cloud computing as we know it

Everyone now knows or at least knows how to use the cloud for the day to day activities. So many of our programs these days are web based with all the data stored in the cloud.

Kevin Bloch suggests 68% of workloads are expected to move to the public cloud by 2020. Cloud is (fast becoming) a procurement exercise, freeing up the IT guy in your business to focus on front-end business outcomes. Over 45 percent of IoT-created data will be processed at the edge, never even making it to the cloud.


3. The Future is Video and Mobile

The future is video and mobile

Mobile is in the hands of almost everyone on the planet not because of what it is, but because of what it enables. The future of video is mobile and the future of mobile is video. Kevin Bloch said devices will become more intelligent, enabled by virtual reality (VR).

2. Transport to Become More Intelligent

Are we finally at the driverless car stage yet…..hmmm not quite. Kevin Bloch said connected cars are growing 10x faster than the overall car market and new online services are accelerating through the green light. Autonomous vehicles(Driverless Cars) are at amber, impatiently awaiting lower costs and new capabilities, such as AI and maps, to mature.

Even though that’s not as fast as we all hope, Kevin said this year, expect big investment for massive transformation.

1. Drones Will Take Off…..Finally

Drones will take off

Kevin Bloch said there will be heaps of new technology this year especially in areas such as energy storage, virtual power, blockchain and the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT).

However, one in particular that will ‘take off’ is drones. Drones provide one of the fastest means of digitizing the physical world and can provide value across many sectors. Drones represent a convergence point for technologies such as video, mobility, IoT, AI, connectivity, security, fog and location services.

Last Updated on Jan 31, 2017