Mr Gay Pride Australia 2022 Dion Alexander makes Top 3 at Mr Gay World 2023.
Mr Gay Pride Australia 2022 Dion Alexander makes Top 3 at Mr Gay World 2023.
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In an exhilarating celebration of unity and advocacy, the 15th annual Mr Gay World Competition recently concluded in Cape Town, South Africa, crowning mental health advocate Troy Michael Smith from Guam as Mr Gay World 2023. Amidst the remarkable assembly of global contenders, Dion Alexander, the charismatic representative from Australia, emerged as the 2nd Runner-Up, leaving an indelible mark with his powerful message to End Homophobia in Sport.

Alexander’s passionate advocacy to eradicate homophobia in sport struck a chord with both judges and audiences, capturing the essence of inclusivity and acceptance within the rainbow community. His dedication and authenticity resonated profoundly, making him a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals striving for acceptance and equality.

Speaking after arriving back in the country, Alexander has been overwhelmed with the support he received.


“I can’t thank everyone enough for their words of support, messages, online votes and love,” Alexander said. “It was so amazing to be able to talk on a global platform about the great work I’ve done as Mr Gay Pride Australia, especially with the AFL Pride Collective and the Rainbow Swans. I was surprised by how well my message to End Homophobia in Sport was received by the other delegates and how supportive they all are to help me realise change in this space.”

Alexander expressed his gratitude to his partner Alfie, his mum Lyn, and former Mr Gay World contestant and Mr Gay Pride Australia Co-Director David Francis for travelling with him to South Africa for the week.

Dion Alexander (Centre) with partner Alfie (Left) and Mum Lyn (Right)
Dion Alexander (Centre) with partner Alfie (Left) and Mum Lyn (Right)

He also extended his congratulations to Mr Gay World 2023, Troy Michael Smith, and 1st Runner-Up David Allwood from the UK, recognising their unwavering commitment to their respective causes.

“Congratulations Troy on your title as Mr Gay World 2023. I honestly can’t think of anyone else who will make all of the delegates and our community proud and David, I said from the first day if I came runner-up to you I would not be disappointed at all. The passion oozes from every pore of your body and you’re doing such great work.”

“To the rest of my fellow delegates, you are all such amazing people doing amazing work and I can’t think of a group of nicer people.”

As Alexander continues his journey to End Homophobia in Sport, he has now launched a brand new podcast Our Pride by Mr Gay Pride Australia which will give a platform to some of the change-makers in the rainbow community an opportunity to talk about the great work they are doing while keeping you up to date with what is happening in the broader community.

In the first episode of the podcast, Alexander sits down with the winner and runner-up from Mr Gay World and you can hear it here.

Alexander will also return to the place of his Mr Gay Pride Australia triumph next week when he attends the Rainbow on the Plains Festival in Hay NSW.

Mr Gay World 2023 Second Runner-Up Dion Alexander
Mr Gay World 2023 Second Runner-Up Dion Alexander

Dion Alexander’s journey at Mr Gay World 2023 is a testament to the power of advocacy and resilience within the rainbow community. His impact on the global stage heralds a new chapter in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights, reminding us all that change is achievable through unwavering determination and solidarity.

Watch the first Our Pride podcast by Mr Gay Pride Australia here on your Gay Nation.

Last Updated on Dec 3, 2023

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