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Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey has been questioned under caution by Scotland Yard, the London police force, about sexual assault allegations as the criminal case against Spacey in the US continues this week.

The UK Sunday Times have reported that in May Metropolitan police detectives travelled to the US to interview the star about six allegations of sexual assault between 1996 and 2013.

He was not arrested.


“In May 2019, a man was voluntarily interviewed under caution in America by officers from the Met’s complex case team. Inquiries are ongoing,” the Met said.

Kevin Spacey was the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre from 2004 to 2015.

US magazine Variety reported at the weekend that the Spacey allegations involve six different men and include alleged assaults in London’s Lambeth and Westminster and an incident in Gloucester.

In the US, a young man who said Spacey groped him in a Nantucket bar in 2016 dropped his civil lawsuit against him last week.

Spacey still faces criminal charges over the alleged incident and pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and battery in January.

Recently the case has focused on the phone of the accuser, Defence attorneys were provided with a CD containing files from it but said it was insufficient.

The judge ordered the phone to be turned over so Spacey’s defence team could examine it.

His lawyers have said evidence that could exonerate Spacey was deleted from the phone.

But the accuser, his mother and their attorney last month said they could not find the phone and the accuser’s attorney, Mitchell Garabedian said they were working to procure backups.

The judge has given them until today (Monday) to produce the phone. If they don’t, they must appear in court to testify about its whereabouts.

Gay Nation will report on the case this week.

Last Updated on Jul 8, 2019

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