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A University in Tennessee has withdrawn its application for admission to a nursing student after discovering that he is engaged to a man.

Alex Duron, 38, had been admitted to the graduate nursing program in the field of anesthesia at Union University, in Jackson Tennessee.

Duron said he enrolled in this evangelical university because he had heard very good things about his program and believed it would further his career. He was excited when he was initially accepted.


However, on Wednesday, a week before he started studying for his master’s degree, he announced on Facebook that the university had withdrawn his application for admission.

“This week I received bad news about the institution I had chosen to continue my education. Apparently a faith-based education from Union University was not in God’s plans for me, because Union University is not able to recognize that intolerance it wears in the guise of religion. God taught me to love my neighbor (Leviticus 19:18) and not to judge as Matthew says,” Duron explained on Facebook.

“I am writing this publicly to show that it is not okay.”

Duron shared a photo with the letter he received from the University which read:

“Your request for housing and your social media profile indicate that you intend to stay with your partner, indicate your reluctance to comply with the commitment you made during your enrollment (the principles of the university community).”

The document with the principles of the university community states that the institution does not tolerate “non-pure sexual relations” which include participation or the appearance of a person participating in “premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexual activities or cohabitation.”

Alex Duron with his fiancé Picture from Facebook
Alex Duron with his fiancé Picture from Facebook

Duron told the Jackson Sun that all of this upset his plans as he was in the process of moving, quitting his job and selling several things from his home.

He stated that he was never asked about his sexuality during the interview stage and that he intended to stay in the dormitories with the rest of his classmates and not with his partner as arbitrarily assumed by the university.

Duron said he signed the letter from the community authorities very hastily, saying his school sent it to him saying he wanted it back very immediately.

After the news reached the media, the university issued a statement insisting on its original position.

“As a Christian institution, Union University expects specific attitudes from faculty, staff and students that are consistent with the biblical teachings and history of the Orthodox Christian faith.”

Duron told the Jackson Sun that “this is the first time I have been discriminated against and I honestly can’t believe it is still happening.”

Last Updated on Aug 5, 2020

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