Love, Victor (Youtube)
Love, Victor (Youtube)
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A new trailer has been dropped by US TV Giant Hulu in the lead-up to the release of the “Love, Simon” movie spinoff series “Love, Victor“.

We find out more about Victor, his life, his crushes and possibly the fact that he is bi-sexual.

In the typical adolescent drama, shots of his school hallways and glances across crowded rooms of his crush seem to be normal.


About two years after the release of the film Love, Simon in dark rooms, his spin-off is about to land on the small screen in June.

The program is more or less identical to that of the feature film: a teenager is in the grip of an identity crisis when he begins to be attracted by another boy from his school.

More specifically, the Love, Victor series will narrate the arrival of Victor (inevitably) at Creekwood High School, the same establishment where Simon was enrolled in the original film.

Forced to have moved here with his family, Victor will have to find a new group of friends and integrate as best as possible … but that is without counting on his emerging attraction for Benji, his classmate with a charming smile.

The twist of this spin-off is that Victor does not seem sure of his homosexuality, also seeming attracted by one of his new friends, Mia.

Fans of the original movie will have noticed the stealthy presence of Keiynan Lonsdale in this trailer.

He played Bram, the secret admirer who had become a boyfriend of Simon in the film that inspired the series.

Originally scheduled on Disney + but having been deemed too mature for the platform’s public, Love, Victor finally migrated to Hulu a few months ago.

The 10 episodes of this promising first season will be available from June 19 in the United States.

At the same time, we are still waiting for local broadcasters but expect to see it on Foxtel in Australia and NEON in New Zealand.

See the trailer below at your gay nation.

Last Updated on May 28, 2020

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