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One of the most bizarre reports of “celebrity outing” is engulfing the tabloid media across the world today.

Reports from Spanish press and now rumours circling the globe are suggesting that World Cup champion soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is in a gay relationship with a Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer Badr Hari.

The suggestion has surfaced after a number of interesting but not unrealistic items have emerged that might suggest their relationship is more than best friends.


The Portuguese footballer, known for dating a string of supermodel girlfriends, was said to regularly visit kickboxer friend Badr Hari for ‘cuddles’.

This lead to a discussion on French TV about what footballers do in their spare time.

One of the pundits, Daniel Riolo, stated during the TV show: “What I’m interested in is what players do on the pitch, and whether their side activities might have an impact on that.

“Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo – I’m sure flying off to Morocco three to four times a week to see a friend and cuddle with him might have an impact on his performances eventually.”

According to other Spanish press, Ronaldo recently purchased a private jet, a $30.2million (NZD) Gulfstream G200, available at Torrejon Air Base any day of the week, which he can use to travel abroad.

It was claimed he uses the private jet to take him to Morocco after training and back again the same night so he can attend the following day’s training.

There is concern among the club’s bosses about the impact Ronaldo’s regular trips to Rabat could have on his performances.

The final piece of the puzzle that has the tabloids in a flap is pictures of the two posted on Hari’s social media accounts a month-and-a-half ago showing them lazing together in the sun poolside.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The first showed the pair together on a pool lounger. The accompanying caption read: ‘Poolside chilling with my bro, always great to welcome you in my beautiful country.’

Another shows Ronaldo being held by Hari, who captioned it: ‘Just married hahahaha. Always there to pick you up bro.’

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

This could be any one of us with our best friend sky-larking around in the sun, but no, not to the world media who suggest it’s time to accuse one of the most famous and attractive sportsmen in the world of being gay.

Ronaldo’s love of fashion, accessories and grooming has led people to question his sexuality in the past — and he has been voted a gay icon by several publications.

But the 500-goal striker has previously shrugged off any speculation, saying: “I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me.”

Back in 2010, he also praised Portugal’s decision to allow gay marriage.

“As I am Portuguese, I try to keep myself informed about what is happening in my country,” he said.

“We must respect the choices of each other, because, after all, all citizens should have the same rights and responsibilities.”

How incredible for the world of sport and the gay community if the rumours were true and Ronaldo was willing to live the life of an out gay man.

But while it’s still all speculation it just reinforces in the public’s mind that there’s something wrong with being gay and that’s why people like Ronaldo need to hide it.

I just hoped we had moved on, but no so luck.

Last Updated on Dec 5, 2015

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