Ken, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)
Ken, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)
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A London magazine photographer has again ventured inside one of the world’s unusual places to meet and photograph gay men.

Elska magazine, which is described as a pin-up mag with intellect, this time has a collection of photographs of men from Yokohama as well as intimate stories told in their own words about their lives living in the amazing country.

Some of the images show the men looking like models where others resemble real life, celebrating the beauty of its subjects’ imperfections.

Kazuta, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)
Kazuta, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)

Editor and photographer of Elska Liam Campbell said that Yokohama shoot was the second in Asia following their controversial Taipei shoot.

“But despite being on the same continent, these two cities are worlds apart,” explained Campbell.

“For one thing, there is an attention to aesthetics in Yokohama that Taipei lacked – think clean and thoughtful versus chaotic and utilitarian.

Kazuta, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)
Kazuta, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)

“But beyond their façades, it was culture where things really diverged.

“While there are aspects of Japanese life that are fast-paced, ultra-modern and forward-thinking, there is a very conservative and rigid side too.

“It’s also a society that is almost impenetrable… even a couple of our expat Yokohama boys discussed their bewilderment and even loneliness being non-Japanese in Japan.”

Patrick Inada, Elska Japan Magazine (Supplied)

The Yokohama edition is the ninth in a series of editions for gay men who seek an authentic view of the homosexual experience from around the world.

The bi-monthly magazine is on stands in Australia and they can also be purchased online.

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2017

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