Mexican Passport
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In a significant step towards embracing diversity, Mexico has marked a new milestone by allowing its citizens to legally acknowledge their true identities by introducing a non-binary passport.

Marcelo Ebrard, the country’s Foreign Minister, confirmed the Mexican government’s issuance of the inaugural passport with a non-binary gender indicator during an announcement on Wednesday, May 17.

Lauding the development as a monumental stride towards enhanced freedom of expression, the newly introduced policy will allow non-binary and gender non-conforming citizens of Mexico to have the option to mark ‘X’ in lieu of traditional male or female gender categories.


In a statement, the Foreign Minister reiterated Mexico’s commitment to sexual diversity, emphasizing that all identities deserve guaranteed rights. He called for an end to hate speech, asserting that diversity should be seen as enriching and enabling growth.

The minister further clarified that applicants can now forego specifying their gender while applying for new passports.

According to the LGBTQ+ rights site Equaldex, 16 countries, including Mexico, now recognize the ‘X’ marker on official documents such as passports, licenses, and birth certificates. However, certain restrictions apply in four countries that only allow the ‘X’ marker for intersex individuals or based on specific criteria.

Despite this progress, several countries, including France, Italy, and the UK, are yet to permit the use of ‘X’ markers on passports. The UK government, in particular, has received strong criticism from activists for its stance on non-binary passports; however, UK authorities have reiterated that they have no plans to change the current policy.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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