Elliot Colburn
Elliot Colburn
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Elliot Colburn, an openly gay member of Parliament representing Carshalton and Wallington, passionately appealed to the government to take action against LGBTQ+ conversion therapy.

Colburn, who made the comments in a recent interview with GB News, said, “We have reached a point where, fortunately, there is a consensus with the government that conversion therapy should be banned.”

“However, what worries us is the considerable time we have been waiting, considering that we are approaching the end of the parliamentary session. We simply want to get this off the ground, as the legislation itself is relatively straightforward. It is about ensuring that no one is subjected to abuse based on their identity. It is a concept that should be easy to grasp,” Colburn stated during his interview with Gloria De Piero.


Colburn also highlighted the impediments to progress caused by the intense and contentious debates surrounding the transgender community and other segments of the LGBTQ+ community. “Unfortunately, the government is facing challenges in navigating through this minefield due to the loud and toxic nature of the ongoing debate,” he explained.

Sharing his personal encounter with conversion therapy, Colburn revealed distressing stories of his constituents who have been subjected to legal practices such as deliverance, prayer, and exorcisms.

He recounted the case of one constituent who was compelled to attend their place of worship seven days a week, enduring lengthy sessions where religious leaders surrounded them, engaging in fervent prayer and speaking in tongues. Colburn characterised these experiences as a form of emotional abuse and even labelled them as torture.

Amidst the discussions surrounding transgender issues, Colburn emphasised the need to address the intense emotions and misinformation that have fueled the national debate.

“My primary concern is to reduce the intensity of the discourse on trans issues,” he stated.

“There is a significant amount of misinformation and anger, but there are also legitimate conversations to be had. At present, the most crucial objective is finding a way to have a respectful conversation that allows for meaningful dialogue on this matter. It is essential to temper the current uproar.”

Colburn shared the homophobic abuse he has personally endured since entering politics, revealing the depth of the prejudice he has encountered. Recounting an incident in Wallington High Street, one of the prominent shopping districts in his constituency, Colburn described an encounter with an individual who approached him and stated, “I was going to vote for you, but I found out that you’re gay. That’s disgusting. I’m voting for the Brexit party.”

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

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